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You need a Taxis Zakopane just write to us on WhatsApp (+48) 788 755 111. Enter your address and place where you want to go. If You don't use WhatsApp just call us. Why WhatsApp because Polish names are hard to pronounce and that's why we want to make it easier for our customers to contact us via messages. Sometimes tourists don't know where exactly they are, then please send us the location from Google maps so Order Taxi in Zakopane or area is realy easy.  

Our family company is a legal licensed Zakopane Taxis. Has been providing Taxi Services both in the country and abroad for 10 years. The drivers are always smiling and the cars are efficient, clean and comfortable. We can drop You anywhere You want. Order English Taxi Zakopane it is realy easy. We reply to messages very quickly, it's best to send them on WhatsApp, prices are agreed in advance right after the customer asks about the availability to Get Taxis Zakopane. 

Taxis Zakopane provides Taxi services for 1-8 people.

We offer transport in such places as: Zakopane, Kościelisko, Chochołów, Witów, Gubałówka, Ząb, Słodyczki, Gubałówka, Bustryk, Nowe Bystre, Czerwienne, Bańska Wyżna, Bańska Niżna, Biały Dunajec, Szaflary, Suche, Poronin, Murzasichle, Małe Ciche, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Białka Tatrzańska, Nowe Targ, Cracow, Slovakia, even Austria. 

We organize one-day trips for rafting on the Dunajec gorge as well as a trip on the path in the treetops of Bachledka (Slovakia). We provide transport to: Tatra Mountains Morskie Oko, Kuźnice to cable car to Kasprowy Wierch, Mountain Valleys in Tatra National Park, Krupówki Street, Gubałówka, Thermal Pools, Ski Lifts, Slovakia, Cracow, Bus Station, Tarin Station, Transfer from and to the Airport. Check our Taxi Offer (down).

You don't know what to do in Zakopane, where to eat, what to visit, you don't know which trail to choose in the Tatras Mountains we will help you, we will advise you as best as we can. This is our city, we really like mountain hiking we will plan your time in Zakopane we are like a Zakopane Taxis & Guide in one.

Our advantage is safety, punctuality and high standard of services. Competitive prices are always negotiable.

Zakopane Taxis with us easy and quickly reach your destination. We invite you to take advantage of our services!


Taxis Zakopane Offer

Tourist routes in the Tatra Mountains:


  • Morskie Oko Lake
  • Valley of 5 Lakes
  • Cable Car to Kasprowy Wierch
  • Kościeliska Valley - Caves (one with light)
  • Chochołowska Valley - Crocuses 
  • Every Mountain Valley 
  • Gubałówka Mountain by Funicular


Tatra Mountains trails start in Zakopane, on its outskirts and in neighboring villages. Sometimes tourists start in Zakopane and end up in a completely different place 10 km away, but don't worry when we take them on trails, they can count on us on the way back. The driver always explains how far in advance our customers should write to Taxis Zakopane that they want to return back.  

Transport to the trail to Morskie Oko Lake from Zakopane takes about 30 minutes by car in the summer season this time can be 3 times longer. We bring tourists to the parking from where they continue towards Tatra Mountains Morskie Oko. The trail is 9 km long and takes 2 hours to reach the lake on foot, you can also get there by horse-drawn cart (carriage).

We arrange with guests 40 minutes before the end of 
the trip they will let us know that the Zakopane Taxis will come to take them back to the city. Tatra Mountains Morskie Oko this largest lake in the Tatra National Park is very popular at Morskie Oko Lake there is a shelter where you can relax and eat something while admiring the beautiful views of the Tatra peaks.


One Day Trip:

  • Rafting on the Dunajec River
  • Cracow - Salt Mine
  • Energylandia - Family Amusement Park
  • Zatorland - Dinosaur Park
  • Slovakia - Stary Smokowiec, Tatranska Lomnica (cable car), Poprad AquaCity or Airport Poprad Tatry Letisko
  • Bachledka Ski & Sun (Slovakia) - Sidewalk in the treetops


Thermal Baths (Thermal Pools):

  • Aqua Park Zakopane
  • Thermal Bath Gorący Potok
  • Thermal Bath Szaflary
  • Thermal Bath BUKOVINA in Bukowina Tatrzańska 
  • Thermal Bath BANIA in Białka Tatrzańska 
  • Chocholow Thermal Pools & Sauna in Chochołów 
  • Tatralandia - Liptowski Mikulasz
  • Meander Park - Oravice
  • AquaCity Poprad 

Thermal pools & spa is the perfect place for those who want to relax. Thermal waters are natural, they have a good effect on your well-being and skin, and you can also use the Sauna. 

Ski Lifts (Ski Slopes):

Ski Slopes in Zakopane for beginners (Easy Slopes):

  • Nosal - Bystre 
  • Gigant Ski Lift near Ski Jump
  • Ugory - Pardałówka 

Ski Slopes near Zakopane and the surrounding area for intermediate and advanced:

  • Harenda Ski - Zakopane 
  • Kasprowy Wierch - Tatra Mountains 
  • Polana Szymoszkowa - Zakopane 
  • Witów Ski
  • Suche Ski    
  • Małe Ciche Ski
  • Rusiń Ski - Bukowina Tatrzańska
  • Olczań Ski - Bukowina Tatrzańska 
  • Kotelnica Ski Resort - Białka Tatrzańska, 
  • Czarna Góra Resort Ski 
  • Jurgów Ski near border to Slovakia 
  • Bachledka Ski & Sun (Taxis Zakopane to Slovakia)
  • Tatranska Lomnica Resort Ski Vysoke Tatry (Slovakia) 

Zakopane and area is a great place for beginner skiers and snowboarders. You will find here a easy slopes and good instructors. There are also slopes for the more experienced and the super advanced.

Transfer from and to the Airport

  • Krakow Airport - Balice
  • Katowice Airport - Pyrzowice
  • Chopin Airport - Warsaw 
  • Poprad Tatry Airport (Letisko Poprad-Tatry)

If you arrive by plane and want to comfortably get transfer from the airport to Zakopane or the surrounding area, as well as have a return transfer, Taxis Zakopane will provide you with friendly service. We also provide transfer from Zakopane to hotels in Cracow and other major cities such as Katowice, Wroclaw, Warsaw. Contact us and book your airport transfer date. 

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Taxis Zakopane Price List 

Dear customers, the prices for the course depend on the season, the number of people and the distance that Taxis Zakopane must cover. To determine the availability and prices of a taxi, it is best to write to us on WhatsApp or call. We approach each client individually, which means that if you contact us, we will definitely to get along.  

All prices are fixed in advance. We always inform you what car will arrive, we send the plate number, driver's name and what time it will arrive.

We have clients who have been with us from the beginning of our company. We will not list all of them here, but satisfied customers recommend our company. We are very happy because we still have a job thank you for your trust. Zakopane Taxis Team. 

On facebooke profile, we post all information in English, you will find there interesting tips, current weather conditions in Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. We are like Taxi & Guide in one!

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